2 Floors - 1 Idiot

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

I woke up very late in the afternoon. Still drunk a bit. I couldn’t remember anything from the previous evening besides walking home from a pub with my friend. At a time I was living in an apartment block, in a building that had those long corridors with numerous doors on both sides of it. You can pretty much already tell where this is going? Think again. Well, after getting out of bed (still not quite sure how I managed to get up though) I realized all my clothes from the previous evening were missing. And that includes everything – my jacket, pants, shirt, shoes, and even my underwear.

I then phoned my friend to ensure that I still had clothes on when returning home. The relief I felt when my friend convinced me I walked home still wearing clothes. Oh boy! After some time of logical thinking (although I couldn’t do it the previous night), it came to my mind that I must have taken off my clothes in front of my apartment and then got in. I opened the door to check, and nope. Nothing. Later that day someone from my building found my clothes on the floor above mine. Same apartment, only the wrong floor.

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