Updated: Feb 1, 2020

It was a cold winter in January and I was in 10th grade in highschool. I was meeting my friends from elementary school for a reunion. We were drinking stolen vodka and absinth from the nearby gas station. Later we went to a club, and the last thing I remember is rainbow-colored lights.

I woke up in a dark room with a needle in my arm and a nutrient drip hanging above me. I tried to remember how I ended up in a hospital bed, but my mind went blank. I looked around me and noticed two more people in the beds next to mine.

After some time, a nurse entered my room saying I needed to take a piss and give the urine to her. She gave me the bucket in which I needed to take a piss while laying down as I wasn’t allowed to (and couldn’t) get up. I refused to do it, saying I didn’t feel the need to urinate. But she was mad and insisted. She then told me I suffered an alcohol coma together with the two people I noticed earlier.

She said that she, together with other hospital staff, witnessed the Epiphany that day on January the 6th, as the three of us entered the hospital, and then continued to take care of the idiots. I then took a piss and fell asleep.

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