Why I have not drunk gin since 1976?

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

I was in college at the time, and went to a frat house costume party, dressed as Peter Pan - green tights, little tunic, pointy hat, the whole bit. There was a nice plump joint tucked into the hatband, sadly lost on the way to the party.

I had a great time, though, and drank half a quart of gin. I only weigh 120 pounds. When I woke up the next morning in the lounge, I first alleviated myself of what seemed like an undigested fifth and felt somewhat better but the hangover was pretty cruel.

Then I began the trek home to my dorm. At 9:00 on a Sunday morning. Dressed as a very rumpled and hungover Peter Pan.

As I stood at the street corner waiting to cross, I felt the puzzled stares of amused mid-westerners on their way to Sunday services. Embarrassed, I guess, I looked down. There laying neatly unperturbed along the curb was my joint. Things got better after I took it to the park before returning home for a long rest.

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