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"After having a blast at a Beer fest, my friends and I went for one more drink to a bar next to where this Museum is today. As we were talking about funny stuff that was mostly drunk stories, my friend told us a story about how he recently woke up with a bike pedal in his pocket. Apparently, his friend was driving his bike when he drunkenly smashed into a pier, broke a pedal and fell down.

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As he was telling his story I thought of a great idea - a place or some sort of collection where all these objects from drunk stories (like this pedal) would be exposed together with their stories. And that is when the idea of Hangovers museum was born and came to life 6 months later." - Rino Duboković, founder


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There is a saying in Croatia, „kad se male ruke slože sve se može,“ meaning „when you put your hands together and work as one, you can do anything.“

We are an ambitious young group of people from Croatia that put our hands together and brought you the only Museum of Hangovers in the world. From a small idea to a big accomplishment, we have created the Museum for young people, where you can have fun and learn. 

We asked ourselves what is interesting to us and designed the museum so it would fit the interests of the youth today, but also of future generations to come.

We strive to make the Museum of Hangovers one of the best unique experiences in the world by bringing together education and entertainment through a fresh and interactive museum.

Our center of attention is the visitors and our mission is to constantly improve the experience to be more fun, educational and better suited for our visitors/you. 

In the end, we want to thank our visitors for enabling us to get together and create this unique experience.


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